Jason is so Proud.
Chelsea is on the Honor Roll
she is also on the "Principal's Honor Roll" (all A's)
Gregory got an award for perfect attendance.
Grandma and Pap are proud too.

“There’s NO Place Like HOME For the Holidays

Another Christmas without Jason

It’s really hard to believe
that this will be our 9th.
I know….I say that every year.
It’s just so Unbelievable
that he isn’t here…
When the holidays come around….
it just kicks in harder.

I’ve been trying in my mind to think
of what I want to say this year
but nothing is jumping out….
I guess that has to do with the
Mind being on vacation most of the time.
I have asked the angels
To help me write down something…….
I’m sure they will.

I thought of
“There’s NO Place Like Home For the Holidays”
That song keeps running through my head….
Then I realize….
There is no place like home….
HOME…where Jason now lives.
Where all of our loved ones
that have passed are.
Our real HOME not this earthly place.
Come with me and join
Me in a holiday excursion.

Close your eyes….
Take gentle breaths.
Think of HOME.
Breathing deeper now.
You can see the golden glow
It’s that pure light at
the end of your minds eye.
Feel the warmth that is
spreading towards you.
Let it surround you....
totally and completely.
Feel the excitement
as your spirit soars.
Feel it running along your bones….
It’s like an electrical charge.
Your spirit does feel home…
And all the joy that brings.

Listen very closely...
you can almost hear the music….
feel the Excitement….
so many are at HOME for the holidays….
Every one is in their place.
See the beautiful harps of gold…
you can feel the sounds that radiates from them.

Take a deep breath. Deeper,
I know there is a smile on your face….
and a glow in your heart.
You can feel the excitement…..
that glorious celebration of Christmas
it is starting now and once again
it’s starting with out us.
But our babies are there….
It’s hard to think of them like that….
All knowing…all seeing.
All everything they ever hoped for…
A true spirit of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m just thankful they still like to
Visit the ones they left behind so long a go.

So this year
I will miss Jason just as much….
I will keep that glow from Heaven
in my heart and
I will visit it often….
God does love us. One day our name
Will get the call….
and we will be HOME
for the holidays from that day
Until forever.

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Gift!

In most of my dreams....
I will see Jason in various ages
or not see him at all...
But know I was with him...
About a week ago....I asked him
to please let me see him...
exactly like he was the night he left....
and I didn't care if it came
in a dream or in actual view.
I just wanted to see him and get a hug....

Well....I got my hug....
it was wonderful....
I remember thinking wow
this is a great hug.....
then I turned my head and
I kissed his face....
all this time he didn't say anything
but just had a grin on his face...
like..."is this what you wanted"

I woke up hearing the
Carpenters Merry Christmas Darling.....
it was way cool....
I still have a smile on my face...
and wanted to share it with you....
love and light Susie

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Healed And Made Whole
One day I dug a little hole
And put my hurt inside.
I thought that I could just forget
I'd put it there to hide.

That little hurt began to grow,
I covered it every day.
I couldn't leave it and go on,
It was the price I chose to pay.

My joy was gone, my heart was sad,
And pain was all I knew.
My wounded soul enveloped me,
Loving seemed too hard to do.

One day, while standing by my hole,
I cried to Him above.
And said, "If You are really there,
They say You really care!"

And just like that, He was right there,
And put His Arms around me.
He wiped my tears, His hurting child,
There was no safer place to be.

I told Him all about my hurt,
I opened up my heart.
He listened to each and every word,
To every sordid part.

I dug down deep and got my hurt ,
I brushed the dirt away.
And placed it in the Master's Hand,
And Healing came that day.

He took the blackness of my soul,
And set my spirit FREE!
Something beautiful began to grow,
Where the hurt used to be.

And when I look at what has grown
Out of my tears and pain,
I remember to give my hurts to Him,
And never bury them again.

~ Author Unknown ~