Christmas 2002

I thought this year would be different…
that somehow I would be in
A better frame of mind ….
Somehow that the hole in my heart could have
Healed just a little….
This is the 6th Christmas
we are facing without Jason.
In some ways it’s harder. The missing never stops.
He isn’t here…how can it.
I decorate his grave
instead of buying him presents…
I see things on television and
I think that Jason would like that…
or something to wear…he doesn’t need that either…
His coat is still new…his gloves are too…
the warm shirt I bought him for
“his” last Christmas hangs in my closet…
I wear it sometimes but it bothers me when I do…
it should be worn out by now…I think if only he was here…
I would buy him anything he wants…
and I know he wants for nothing…
he has all that is necessary…

Again today…someone asked John Edward if they miss us…and I always love his answer….”No….No they don’t….they still have us”…my soul knows we are still connected…..but I need a hug…a big one…..

When I was just a little girl
The stories that were told
All spoke of people long ago
Traditions that they hold.

Long ago and far away
Were starts of what was then
I never noticed tears dropped down
I was just nine or ten

Now I’m the one left far behind
It’s my turn to reminisces
Of days gone by so long ago
My eyes begin to mist

The tears they flow, I miss you so
I can’t begin to say
My heart it cries for you my son
Since you have gone away

But one day soon, You’ll come for me
My journey will be done
You’ll walk through Heavens gate with me
We’ll watch the setting sun

And if by chance I leave someone
Still living on this earth
Think of me...and then please smile
They walk on Heaven's turf.

Then one day.....I'll come for you
On this you can rely….
I'll take your hand and we will go
To Heaven in the sky.

Susie Dunn December 3, 2002
Copyright ©Susie Dunn 2002 All Rights Reserved.
Do not use without permission

Thank You Rose Mary

Thank You Donna

Picture perfect Christmas
Upon my heart this day
Memories of my yesterday
They never fade away

Snow is softly falling
Church bell ringing chimes
Hymns of gentle voices
Singing Christmas rhymes

Quiet days of memories
That fill the soul with ease
Yesterdays that fill the soul
Life's book of treasuries

Wishing you this beauty
That takes you back in time
Basking in the glory of
Memories sublime

Time to join together
In love and harmony
Sharing joy on Christmas
In peaceful reveries.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission
Read more of her poetry here.


Thank You Donna

The song on this page is taken from "Home For Christmas" Amy Grant...and is solely for your listening pleasure on this page...please buy the CD like I did.

Emmanuel, God With Us
Written by Amy Grant/Chris Eaton/Robert Marshall
Sung by Amy Grant

We dim the light, We stoke the fire
We breath the evergreen.
Young ones wait while the old ones
Make up tales of how it used to be.
China dolls, candy corn, painted wooden toys.
Treasures found to the wondrous sound.
Of caroling the Savior Born to us on Christmas morn.

Emmanuel, God with us
Emmanuel, God with us
The son of Israel.

And still he calls through the night
Beyond the days of old.
A voice of peace to the weary ones
Who struggle with the human soul.

All of us….. travelers
Throught a given time
Who can know what tomorrow holds.
But over the horizon surely you and I will find

And the years they come and the years they go
Though we may forget somehow
That the child once born in Bethlehem
Is still among us now.

Emmanuel, God with us
Emmanuel, God with us
The son of Israel.




Thanks to KURT for the great snow effect!